Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Rectangular Stardust Pendant

P124 SD

$ 360.00

David Rosales Stardust Collection - The Highest Quality Native American Jewelry

Discover the David Rosales Stardust Rectangular Pendant, a genuine handcrafted piece of jewelry from Gallup, New Mexico. Created with passion and precision by Navajo artists, this sterling silver pendant has a stunning array of inlaid stones. Each piece of Kingman turquoise, Picasso opal, along with white and purple cultured opals, and black jade, is handpicked for its vibrant hue and sparkle that comes alive in the sunlight.

This jewelry is designed by David Rosales and crafted by his team of Native American artists. This Stardust Collection is David's newest addition, and it has been met with great excitement. The colors really pop, and the workmanship is on a whole new level.

Crafting this pendant is no small feat. It takes a steady hand to cut and fit each stone together, a testament to the talent of these Native American artists who rank among the industry's finest. The Stardust Collection is their crowning achievement, demanding more precision and care than any other collection. Every detail in this pendant is meticulously placed by hand, ensuring that you are wearing a piece of art.

This pendant is 1 1/2" long and 1/2" wide.

Please allow up to six weeks for the delivery of your David Rosales Stardust Rectangular Pendant. Each one is a labor of love, requiring extensive time to craft. The intricate process, from hand-cutting the stones to the careful inlaying by the Navajo artists, cannot be rushed. This ensures that the piece of art you receive is of the highest quality and truly unique. We appreciate your patience and believe the believe the beauty you'll soon hold is well worth the wait.