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David Rosales Red Moon Arrow Ring

R737 RM

$ 276.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Contemporary Native American Rings

Are you searching for a highly unique Native American ring? Look no further because it doesn't get much more unique than this! This ring was designed by Native American jewelry artist David Rosales who creates fantastic inlay work. He has many different collections that any of his designs can be inlaid with. This has the Red Moon Collection, which has red and blue lab-created opal, black jade, and a little bit of turquoise. What makes the Red Moon Collection so special is how intricately the stones are inlaid. Each one of these is hand-cut and fit together perfectly. This level of inlay work is very difficult, even for David Rosales' incredibly talented team of Native American jewelry artists.

The inlay work is not the only feature that makes this ring so interesting. The silver work has a really neat design that resembles the tail of an arrow. Inspect the band as it wraps around your finger and you will find that it has detailing that looks like the shaft of the arrow. This is a design unlike any that I have ever seen before. In fact, this Native American ring has such a unique style that I actually have one of these myself, albeit with a different collection. I can tell you from experience that you won't grow tired of this superb styling and that it will draw lots of compliments.

This Native American ring is handcrafted in sterling silver, a process that does take some time. Therefore, we kindly ask that you allow around four weeks to receive this. We will have David Rosales start on this as soon as you place an order. We appreciate your patience with this and I know that the wait will be worth it. If you have any questions regarding this Native American ring please contact us at 308-234-3313.