Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Red Moon Feather Earrings

ER741 RM

$ 348.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Contemporary Native American Jewelry

David Rosales is a Navajo designer from Gallup, NM who specializes in inlaid Native American jewelry. He is our most popular artist because his designs are so modern and unique. These feather earrings are a perfect example of how different he makes his pieces. They have a nice mix of inlay and silver work that stand out really well. The feather design can be interpreted in different ways. For instance, they could be angel wings or a feather set from a Native American headdress. These sterling silver earrings can represent whatever your imagination desires them to be.

David Rosales is well-known for his many color collections. This is called the Red Moon Collection and it has created-opal, black jade, and a little bit of turquoise. One quality that makes this collection so unique is that the stones are inlaid in the fancy cut style. This means the stones are cut very finely with a lot of detail. You won't see a lot of Native American jewelry with this quality of inlay work.

These earrings are really pretty with a trendy style and a lot of artistry. They are made to be seen and I am sure you will get lots of compliments with them. They have sterling silver posts so you won't need to worry about them bothering your ears. The measure 1 1/4" from top to bottom and just over half an inch wide.

Please allow around four weeks to receive these earrings. They are handcrafted Native American jewelry and do require some time to make. If we happen to have these in stock we will send them to you right away. Otherwise, we will have David Rosales begin making a pair for you. Please contact us at 308-234-3313 with any questions or concerns.