Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Red Moon Thunderbird Pendant

P401 RM

$ 422.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Native American Jewelry

This is a Thunderbird pendant from Native American jewelry designer David Rosales. The Thunderbird is a common symbol that you will see in Native American jewelry and other art forms. This symbol is so prominent that it has even transcended Native American culture to a degree. The Thunderbird is a mythical spirit that represents strength and power. It is a giant bird that produces lightning and lives high in the heavens. It is said to be the cause of much of our weather, good or bad.

This Thunderbird pendant features the Red Moon Collection from David Rosales. This is made of cultured red and blue opal and a little bit of turquoise inlaid along with black jade. These colors match the Thunderbird strength motif well because they are lively and bold. One feature that I love about the Red Moon Collection is how intricately the stones are cut and inlaid. These artists put an enormous amount of detail into their inlay work. While inlay is not uncommon in Native American jewelry, this level of detail certainly is. Not many artists can do the sort of clean, intricate inlay work that you see in this pendant. It is definitely a wearable work of art!

This pendant is 1 1/2" long and wide. This does not include the bail because it is difficult to accurately measure this. However, you can plan on slightly more length when you figure in the bail. The chain that is shown in the picture is not included. If you would like to add a chain please give us a call after your order and we can help find an appropriate one for you.

This pendant is a handcrafted piece of Native American jewelry that takes some time to make. Therefore, we kindly ask that you allow between four and six weeks for delivery. If you have a specific date that you are needing this please contact us to see if it is possible. You can call us with any questions at 308-234-3313.