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David Rosales Shadow Peak Buffalo Pendant

P252 SP

$ 363.00

David Rosales Shadow Peak Buffalo Pendant: A Symbolic and Artistic Treasure in Handcrafted Native American Jewelry

Behold the David Rosales Shadow Peak Buffalo Pendant, an artistic piece of Native American jewelry that showcases the beauty of handcrafted turquoise jewelry. This pendant is designed by David Rosales and meticulously handcrafted by his team of skilled Native American jewelry artists, who are experts in creating mesmerizing pieces of inlaid jewelry for both men and women.

Crafted in sterling silver, this pendant features a stunning combination of blue Ithica Peak turquoise, Kingman turquoise, and black jade. The contrasting appearance of the two types of turquoise is truly striking – the Ithica Peak turquoise has a dark black matrix, while the Kingman turquoise boasts a pure blue hue. Each stone is carefully hand-cut and inlaid together, demonstrating the incredible time and care invested in this intricate inlay work.

Shaped like a buffalo, this pendant embraces an artistic interpretation rather than a purely realistic representation. For instance, the legs are curved, like a petroglyph painting. The buffalo holds significant cultural importance in Native American traditions, symbolizing strength, endurance, and the connection with the Earth, making this piece an even more meaningful addition to your jewelry collection.

Designed to appeal to both men and women, the David Rosales Shadow Peak Buffalo Pendant is a perfect example of handcrafted Native American jewelry that combines skill, creativity, and cultural significance.

This pendant is 1 inch long, not including the bail. It is 1 1/8" wide.

Please note that due to the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in creating this turquoise jewelry, it will take approximately six weeks to receive your David Rosales Shadow Peak Buffalo Pendant. This ensures that you receive a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of Native American jewelry that you can treasure for years to come.