Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Sonoran Gold Turquoise Feather Ring

R511 SGT

$ 339.00

Beautiful Inlaid Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This is a Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring from David Rosales and his team. Together, they create some of the most amazing inlaid Native American jewelry. This ring has the brand new Sonoran Gold Turquoise that comes from Mexico. It typically has a deep green color with some gold interlaced throughout. Sometimes, as you can see in this ring, there will also be some blue mixed in. All in all, Sonoran Gold Turquoise has a lot of beautiful color and really stands out.

If you would like to read more about Sonoran Gold Turquoise please visit our blog.

The turquoise is not the only thing that makes this ring stunning. David Rosales has also added a lot of neat detailing in the silver-work. You can clearly see feathers on each side of the inlaid stones. These are strategically positioned to help draw your eyes to the center stones. David Rosales has put a lot of thought into the design of this ring.

This Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring could work as either a men's or women's ring. It has a heavy band that is meant to last for many years. We do ask that you be aware of a couple of things. Because this ring is handcrafted by Native American jewelry artists please allow somewhere around four weeks for delivery. These pieces do take some time and we appreciate your patience. Also, because one will be made to fit your exact size, the stones will not match this picture exactly. There is a lot of variation in Sonoran Gold Turquoise and getting two stones to look exactly the same is next to impossible. That being said, I promise that your ring will look beautiful and you will be very pleased with it. If you have any questions please contact us at 308-234-3313.