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David Rosales Sonoran Gold Turquoise Swivel Pendant

P152 SGT

$ 264.00

David Rosales Designs - Inlaid Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This beautiful pendant has Sonoran Gold Turquoise inlaid in sterling silver. It comes from Supersmith, the incredibly talented team of Native American jewelry artists that is headed by David Rosales. David is one of the very top Native American inlay artists in the country and he is our most popular artist. He is always coming up with new designs that bring a fresh and modern look to his collection.

One of David Rosales' newest looks is this inlaid Sonoran Gold Turquoise. This is a newly discovered stone that comes from Mexico. As you can see, it is normally very green with either flakes or a full gold matrix. Sometimes you even see some blue mixed in, though every stone is different. Sonoran Gold Turquoise has been very popular since we began carrying it because of how unusual it is. It has a different look than most other types of turquoise that you see. If you want a piece of jewelry that will really grab people's attention, this is perfect.

This pendant has a unique style. Its main section with the inlaid stones does not have any decoration in the silver. This helps to keep your eyes focused on the beautiful turquoise. The bail, on the other hand, does have a neat stamped design with a blackened background. The bail is large and is designed to swivel in a fun and pleasing way. Because the bail is large, you can use a variety of necklaces with this pendant, including beads. This really is a fun piece that you will enjoy wearing.

Because this is a handcrafted piece of Native American jewelry, we do ask that you allow around 4 weeks for delivery. If we have this in stock it will be sent to you right away. If not, we will have made for you. Also, do keep in mind that because the Sonoran Gold Turquoise varies so much, the piece that you receive will not look exactly like what is pictured here. The silver style will match but the stones will differ. I urge you to not let this dissuade you though. David Rosales takes great care with his jewelry and I know you will be very pleased once it arrives. The chain that you see pictured is not included. If you need one we can certainly help with that. If you have any questions please contact us.