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David Rosales Sonoran Turquoise Ring - Eye of Horus

R452 SGT

$ 267.00

David Rosales Designs - Beautiful Inlaid Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

There is so much to say about this turquoise ring! Handcrafted by David Rosales and his team of Native American jewelry artists, this ring has Sonoran Gold Turquoise. This is a newer type that is found in northern Mexico. It is typically very green in color often found with blue patches and a gold matrix. It has been incredibly popular at Stagecoach because it has such a unique look. Sonoran Gold Turquoise is so different and I know all of your friends are going to comment on it.

Another aspect of this turquoise ring that is totally unique is the really neat silver design. While this is by no means what David Rosales was thinking when he created the design, it reminds me of the Eye of Horus, an important symbol for protection in ancient Egypt. Regardless of what you see in this ring, you must admit that it has a very stylish look. This Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring will certainly draw a lot of attention.

Please allow around four weeks to receive this ring. Because it is handcrafted in sterling silver by Native American jewelry artists, it does take some time to make. Also, please be aware that the Sonoran Gold Turquoise has a lot of variation in the stones. Because of this, the stones in your ring will not match what you see pictured exactly. I promise it will still be very pretty and you will really enjoy it. You are welcome to contact us with any questions at 308-234-3313.