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David Rosales Stardust Stairstep Pendant

P631 SD

$ 384.00

David Rosales Stardust Jewelry Collection

Unveiling a piece that embodies the essence of Native American jewelry - our David Rosales Stardust Stairstep Pendant. Crafted diligently by Navajo artists in Gallup, NM, this pendant has sterling silver adorned with a beautiful array of inlaid stones. The vibrant colors from the Stardust Collection really shine, thanks to the Kingman turquoise, Picasso opal, white and purple cultured opal, and black jade used.

The hand-cut and inlaid stones are arranged in a distinctive Southwestern design resembling stairsteps, which is nothing short of mesmerizing. These mesmerizing designs are the ultimate trait of the Stardust Collection. It's the kind of handcrafted turquoise jewelry that not only looks fantastic but tells a story of tradition, skill, and patience. Each step in the inlay reflects the immense amount of time put into creating this piece of art.

Designed by David Rosales, this pendant is a display of the remarkable craftsmanship of the Native American jewelry artists who bring his vision to life. The stairstep design is intricate yet speaks a simple language of elegance and tradition. This collection is unlike any other jewelry that you will have seen before.

This pendant is just under 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" long, including the bail. You will find the artist's stamps on the reverse side.

When you order this pendant, keep in mind that it will take around six weeks for it to reach you. This is due to the care and attention to detail that goes into creating each piece. And while the pendant you receive may have slight variations from the one pictured due to the unique handcrafted nature, rest assured it will be a stunning piece that you'll cherish for many years to come.