Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Stardust Vertex Turquoise & Opal Pendant

P500 SD

$ 546.00

David Rosales Stardust Collection - Fine Native American Inlaid Jewelry

Introducing our David Rosales Stardust Vertex Turquoise & Opal Pendant – a standout piece that brings a pop of color to any outfit. Handcrafted, this pendant features real Kingman turquoise, Picasso opal, cultured opal, and black jade. This is a collection that David has named Stardust. Each stone is carefully cut and placed by artists who are amazing at what they do. It's a craft that takes a lot of time and attention to detail. While we make plenty of our own jewelry here at Stagecoach, this type of work requires an entirely different skill set. These Native American artists are some of the best in the business.

This David Rosales pendant has a unique Southwestern design. There are stairsteps and triangles that are reminiscent of Southwestern artwork. The vibrant colors further add to this style. This is a wonderful piece of jewelry that you will love showing off!

When you wear this pendant, you'll notice how the colors come to life, especially when you're outside in the sunlight. It's like wearing a piece of the bright blue sky mixed with the rich colors of the earth. We think you'll love how it looks and feels to wear something made with so much care. Plus, it's neat to think about the hours of work that went into making something this special just for you.

Because of the amount of time required to make this jewelry, we ask that you allow around six weeks for delivery. Also, due to the immense amount of detailing in the Stardust Collection, no two pieces will be exactly alike. The Navajo artists will make yours as close to this picture as possible.

This pendant is 2 5/8" long (including the bail) and 7/8" wide. It is an elegant piece of jewelry that will draw attention.