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Gary Glandon Spiraled Silver Bracelet


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Handmade Sterling Silver Bracelet

Introducing a unique handmade bracelet crafted by Gary Glandon here at Stagecoach. This bracelet showcases a new technique that involved a lot of meticulous work and creativity. Gary skillfully soldered silver wires together and cut intricate shapes into them. He then twisted these shapes to create a stunning spiral effect. The process of twisting the wires is labor-intensive due to the strength of the metal, which only increases as it is twisted further. As a result, this silver bracelet is exceptionally strong and resistant to bending, far more so than a typical sterling silver bracelet of this size.

This innovative design has been on Gary's mind for a while, and each bracelet he creates using this technique will be one-of-a-kind. The variations in the shapes and twists ensure that no two bracelets will ever be identical. Gary plans to make more of these, each with its unique character. If you appreciate bold and unconventional jewelry designs, this spiral bracelet is the perfect piece for you.

The opening measures 1 3/8". The diameter of the bracelet's widest part is 2 1/2".