Golden Hills Turquoise Earrings by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

These Golden Hills turquoise earrings have beautiful color! These stones come from Kazakhstan and have become extremely popular for their unique colors. As you can see here, they are normally light blue, almost white in color with a dark matrix that provides interesting contrast. Golden Hills turquoise's unusual appearance has made it highly sought after. You won't have any other turquoise in your collection that resembles this.

These earrings were handmade in sterling silver by our very own silversmith, Gary Glandon. He picked both stones because they match so well. You may not realize but finding matching stones for earrings can often be difficult with natural stones, such as these. Faceted stones, such as diamonds or rubies, tend to have the same color, size, and shape. This individuality is one thing that makes turquoise jewelry so special. These Golden Hills turquoise earrings are extra special because of how different they are.

Gary added some extra silverwork around these stones for added flare. Each earring has a small flower at the top with leaves off-shooting from them. The silverwork really sets these off and ensure that you will never see another pair like this. Get them while you can!