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Multi-Layer Silver Eagle Bracelet


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Stagecoach Original Handmade Jewelry

You are looking at a special piece of jewelry that Gary and Skylar made together here at Stagecoach. This is an eagle bracelet with five layers of sterling silver that were layered on top of each other. Normally any type of bird jewelry has a simple two-dimensional appearance. Of course, actual bird feathers do not lie two-dimensionally. The layers in this bracelet create a more realistic appearance like that of an actual eagle's wings.

It may not be apparent just by looking, but this was a challenging bracelet to create. It was a team effort by Skylar and Gary. Skylar designed the bracelet by drawing out each individual layer. In doing this, he had to ensure that they would all fit together appropriately when laid on top of one another. Skylar also cut all the layers out. Gary handled the tough soldering job and the engraving. When you apply heat during the soldering process, the different pieces tend to move. This is not normally a major issue because you can adjust small pieces during the soldering process and file bits down afterward. With such a substantial bracelet, however, these layers had to be lined up exactly right, which demanded constant adjustment while soldering. Another challenge was heating so much silver. Evenly soldering so much metal required much more heat than a smaller piece of jewelry, such as a ring or pendant. Creating this bracelet was tricky and took a lot of work. We are super pleased with the end results!

This bracelet was a custom request from a customer of ours. We had a lot of fun designing and figuring out how to bring it to life. You are sure to draw a lot of attention with this eagle bracelet!

This sterling silver bracelet has an opening of 1 1/4". It is about 2 1/8" at the widest diameter of its curvature. The surface is 1 7/8" from the tip of the beak to the end of the bird's tail. If you have any other questions about the sizing of this bracelet, please contact us.