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Nebraska Prairie Landscape Pendant


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The sun rises over the beautiful grassy plains of Nebraska. The Platte River slowly snakes its way through the prairie bringing life and sustenance to the grasslands.

Today I would like to introduce you to a new creation for our Storybook Collection. This Nebraska prairie landscape pendant is a joint creation between Skylar Glandon and his father Gary Glandon. Skylar designed this pendant and cut all the material while Gary handled all the soldering and final changes. This is an original creation that is unlike anything that has been made at Stagecoach before.

This pendant is meant to depict the sun rising over the plains of Nebraska with the Platte River running through the grassy hills. There are a few stars left twinkling in the sky as the dark night slowly lifts to light. 

This pendant is made of several different layers of metal. The background is solid sterling silver with certain oxidized areas to create depths and to emphasize the transition from night to day. The stars were made using a few silver balls as well as tiny holes to make them look like they are twinkling. Two pieces of copper sit atop the sterling backdrop to create the rolling hills of Nebraska. These two pieces were cut and soldered in a particular way to create a river. A few trees were engraved at the bottom of the copper and Gary used some stamp work to make it look grassy. The rising sun is cut from brass with some engraved rays shooting out across the sky. Finally, another small layer of textured sterling silver has been added on top to add some extra depth.

It is honestly difficult to describe everything that went into creating this pendant. With so many layers and three different types of metal, this pendant required a lot of thought and planning. Before any of the actual cutting began, the entire project had to be drawn up and carefully thought out. Skylar spent several weeks of on and off work making this design come together. It took Gary quite a lot of time to solder the different pieces and add all the tiny details to make this look right. Having never made something like this before, this pendant was a fun but challenging project. This is a special piece of jewelry that we all really hope that you enjoy!

This pendant is 2 1/4" wide and 1 1/8" tall. It has two silver loops on the back to hold a chain or pair of beads. The chain that you see pictured is not included but you are certainly welcome to add one. I would recommend a fairly heavy chain to match the size of this pendant.