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Pumpkin Pulp Forevermore Dolls


Handcrafted Forevermore Doll Collection

Forevermore Dolls are the creation of Halloween artist Brian Blair, who has been creating incredibly unique masks and props for the industry for many years. He created these dolls on a whim and they exploded in popularity, becoming one of his best-selling items. Forevermore Dolls are much more than simple decorative dolls. Each one is handcrafted to be a different scary creature. The Forevermore Dolls are made to resemble a creepy doll that you might find hiding in your attic. They are spooky, adorable, and perfect for a horror enthusiast like you! I have two of these for my own collection and love them. They stay out on display year-round so I can enjoy them.

We only have one of each Forevermore Doll that you see shown. Supply is subject to change at any time. Do not wait because these may disappear quickly! If you would like more than one of any styles, please contact us. Because they are all handcrafted, these do take some time to make.

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