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Silver Celestial Wizard Pendant


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What do you see when you look at the moon? Some see only a lonely rock suspended in the night sky while others can make out a faint face of a man. Tales have been told for millennia about the mysteries of our celestial companion. Just take a look at "A Trip to the Moon" a silent film from more than 115 years ago. Mankind will most likely still be fantasizing about the moon in another 115 years.

This celestial wizard pendant is very unusual. It depicts the moon as a wizard surrounded by planets and stars in the night sky. There is so much detail in this pendant, especially in the wizard. You can follow his pointy hat all the way down to his curly flowing beard. This is so detailed that it almost looks like an artist's sketch. You may not be able to tell from the picture but some of the different celestial bodies are rounded outward with a slightly three-dimensional look and feel.

This pendant was handcrafted right here at Stagecoach by Gary Glandon. He added an outside border that has been blackened and helps the whole piece stand out. Gary also came up with a creative way to suspend the pendant from its chain. He handmade the silver bar that wraps around as well as the two large jump rings at the top. While a chain would work fine, these jump rings were created so that you could wear this pendant on a pair of beads. You can really pair this piece with lots of different looks! If you are in search of a one-of-a-kind pendant with some fantasy and flare, do not miss out on this!

This is a large pendant that you can create an entire outfit around. It is about 3" tall and 2" wide. On the back, you will find both "sterling" and "Glandon" stamped into the silver.