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Sinister Jack-O'-Lantern Pendant


$ 79.00

Some say jack-o'-lanterns embody the soul of a mischievous young boy who liked to frighten people with his scary faces. After trying his tricks on an old witch, his faces were forever immortalized in these carved pumpkins.

Do you love Halloween? Now you can celebrate year-round with this jack-o'-lantern pendant! We make this right here from solid sterling silver. The eyes and mouth are cut from our own design and the background blackened to make it stand out. On the back you will find "sterling" and "Glandon" stamped to indicate that this is sterling silver and was made by me, Skylar Glandon.

This pumpkin pendant is about 1 1/4" from top to bottom and 1 1/3" wide. It is 1.7 mm thick, which is a very solid and high-quality pendant. You are definitely able to feel its weight wearing it around your neck. If you would like a sterling silver chain added to your jack-o'-lantern pendant, simply select the length that you desire.

Please note that because we do handcraft these ourselves, the turnaround time before shipping is 3-5 days. Once you place an order we will get busy making this. Your jack-o'-lantern pendant will be freshly handcrafted just for you. Also, if you select to add a chain it may differ slightly from what you see pictured. We will select an appropriate chain from what we currently have in stock. We do not want our lustrous jack-o'-lantern pendant displayed on a cheap chain that is liable to break. Because of this, you can rest assured that the chains will be of good quality.