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Sonoran Gold Turquoise Bear Pendant by David Rosales

P251 SGT

$ 363.00

Beautiful Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

When you combine our most popular Native American jewelry line with one of our most popular types of turquoise, the end result is really stunning. This is a Sonoran Gold Turquoise bear pendant that was handcrafted by David Rosales and his incredibly talented team of Native American jewelry artists. While Sonoran Gold Turquoise is primarily green, you can also find blue segments as well. And of course, there is often that beautiful gold matrix that runs throughout. It is a gorgeous stone that has been very popular at Stagecoach.

This bear pendant is meant to show off the amazing inlay work from David Rosales. Bears have traditionally been an important symbol in Native American culture and this shape is quite common. It's true that the Sonoran Gold Turquoise is the real star of the show here, however, David Rosales added a special surprise on the reverse side. Turn this pendant over and you will find some very detailed silverwork, including the bear heartline. This is a Zuni symbol depicting an arrow connecting the bear's head to its heart and soul. There is definitely a lot of wonderful detail that has gone into this turquoise pendant.

This pendant is 1 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" tall, not including the bail. You can read more about Sonoran Gold Turquoise here.

The chain that is pictured is meant only for display and is not included. Let us know if you want to add a chain and we can help you find something fitting. Please be aware that because Sonoran Gold Turquoise has such a wide variety of colors, the pendant that you receive will be entirely original and will not look exactly like what is pictured here. That being said, these artists are some of the very finest inlay artists and I know that you will love the end result. Because of the work involved in this piece we do ask that you allow around four weeks for delivery. Creating this beautiful turquoise jewelry does take some time. If you have any questions please contact us at 308-234-3313.