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Sterling Silver Concho Earrings by Gary Glandon


$ 69.00

Jewelry Made In Nebraska

This is a pair of sterling silver earrings that were made right here at Stagecoach. Gary Glandon, my father, made these with his hydraulic press. Basically, he presses out the design into pieces of silver which creates this fun look. Not only does this add the decorative pattern but it also creates a three-dimensional puff look for these earrings. Once finished in the press, Gary hand-stamped the curved sunrise pattern along the outside border. Lining up and hammering each stamp is the most time-consuming portion of making these little conchos. Once this is complete, he solders the loops at the top and adds the hooks. This new equipment allows Gary to make these relatively quickly, although there is still some work that goes into them. It also helps keep the price lower for you because it does not require hours of hand-engraving or stamping the design.

These concho earrings have a stylish, ranch-style look you will enjoy. They freely dangle in a fun way and the silver catches the light which makes them noticeable.

These concho earrings are so lightweight that you will forget that you are wearing them. Their diameter is 1 inch across, a nice size that is noticeable but not cumbersome.