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Sunshine Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth


$ 4.98

Clean and Polish Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you have sterling silver jewelry that is dirty or tarnished? Pick up one of the Sunshine Silver Polishing Cloths and make your jewelry look just like new. These cloths have rouge (a silver and gold polishing compound) embedded in the fibers. This is the same compound that jewelers use for polishing when making jewelry and now you can use it too.

To brighten your jewelry, simply rub with this cloth once every few months. For pieces that are really tarnished, you can gently scrub with soapy water and an old toothbrush before using the Sunshine Cloth. Polishing only takes a moment and can be done repeatedly. Your cloth will turn black with use, but you can keep on using it.

The Sunshine Silver Polishing Cloth is the best way to restore that brilliant luster to your jewelry. You will be amazed at the difference this makes!

You can read more about how to clean sterling silver jewelry right here.