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Turquoise Lily Blossom Pendant by Skylar Glandon


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Turquoise Jewelry Like You Have Never Seen Before

Introducing the Turquoise Lily Blossom Pendant by Skylar Glandon. This unique and exuberant piece of jewelry is unlike any other Skylar has created. It could be described as a jewelry sculpture, instead of simply an accessory.

The pendant showcases a blooming lily blossom with a beautiful Kingman turquoise stone at its center. This stone features a beautiful golden matrix with playful blue spots, making this stone fun and unusual. In fact, because this is genuine American turquoise, you will never see another stone exactly the same. Its vibrant color contrasts perfectly with the substantial silver in this pendant, adding a striking pop of color.

Creating this lily blossom was a difficult feat. The flower comprises eight sterling silver petals, each engraved and cold forged into realistic shapes. Extensive hammering was necessary to achieve the blooming outward shape and the delicate anticlastic bend of the petals' sides. On the reverse side, you'll find an additional layer of blooming silver, elegantly connecting to the stem. Setting the turquoise stone within this flower posed a unique challenge, as it required careful consideration of the curved silver layers and the connecting stem, unlike traditional flat stone settings.

The flower connects to a heavy silver wire stem, which gracefully bends upward, eventually forming a loop for the chain. Shaping this wire was labor-intensive, requiring forceful bending with special tools. The addition of two hand-cut leaves with engraved veins and a silver stem soldered down the middle helps balance the pendant visually and keeps it securely in place when worn. These leaves, like the flower petals, are forged into a three-dimensional shape, enhancing the pendant's lifelike appearance.

Express your love for summer with the Turquoise Lily Blossom Pendant by Skylar Glandon. Its eye-catching and unusual design ensures that you will own a truly unique piece of jewelry. The pendant's creation involved complex planning and imagination, the hallmarks of great handmade jewelry.

This turquoise pendant is large and showy, with leaves spanning over four inches in width and a total length of four inches. Its impressive size makes it a showstopper, perfect for drawing attention. As the centerpiece of your outfit, it will be the first thing people notice when you walk into a room.