Number 8 Turquoise-very famous American turquoise mine

March 19, 2015

Number 8 turquoise is considered one of the great classic American turquoise mines.  It is located in the Lynn Mining District in Eureka County, Nevada, just north of Carlin.  The first claim was filed in 1929 by Earl Buffington and Lawrence Springer and thereafter a number of well-known turquoise miners owned the mine.  In 1950, one of these owners, actually brothers discovered some of the best spider web turquoise ever found while looking for copper.  The Edgar brothers, T.G and J.W., found over 1600 pounds of this very high grade turquoise.

Number 8 turquoise also is noted for being some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever found.  In 1954 the Edgar brothers along with Marvin Syme found a piece of gem quality turquoise weighing 150 pounds!

Number 8 is known for its spider webbing and light blue to dark blue color with green shading.  The matrix is usually golden to reddish brown and even black.

The Number 8 mine was closed in 1976 but the last owner, Dowell Ward, had a stockpile of the turquoise set aside that is now on the market.  It is considered some of the finest turquoise ever found and is considered a collector’s item because once this reserve is gone there will be no more released on to the market.

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