Larimar Jewelry-the Beautiful Stone of the Carribean

January 08, 2017

Larimar Jewelry-the Beautiful Stone of the Carribean

Larimar jewelry can be found at The Stagecoach in Kearney, Nebraska.

Larimar is such a beautiful stone and, interestingly, can only be found in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is mined in a single square kilometer and was named for Larissa, the daughter of a volunteer in The Peace Corps, and the Spanish word for sea, "mar". It is rightfully named Larimar after its roots and colors of the Carribean. 

The typical colors seen in Larimar are green, blue, and white. The rarity and value of each stone depends on the intensity and contrast of the colors. If a specific Larimar stone has very intense blues, it is deemed a higher quality than one with paler colors. Beyond the beautiful color, Larimar is said to carry energy and healing properties that inspire inner peace, enhance tranquility, and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Because of the lower hardness and colors of the stone, Larimar is mostly seen set in sterling silver. With its low hardness, it should not be exposed to excessive heat or light because it will fade. Larimar is easy to clean using warm, soapy water.

Larimar, with its colors resembling the tropical waters of the Carribean, is a fairly new gemstone that is quite uncommon. It is a great choice for a wide range of jewelry designs and Stagecoach carries a large selection.

Gary Glandon, our resident silversmith at the Stagecoach, can design any kind of ring, earrings, or pendant that you may have in mind. It can truly be a work-of-art designed just for you.

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Annabelle  Roemmich
Annabelle Roemmich

March 10, 2017

Love turquoise, amethyst and silver. Looking for some beautuful pendant necklaces.

Yvonne Brandt
Yvonne Brandt

January 13, 2017


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