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Calvin Begay Jagged Star Pendant


$ 330.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

This is another delightful space pendant from Native American jewelry designer Calvin Begay. This type of inlay work is Calvin Begay's specialty, which requires an immense amount of skill and time to create. Calvin's team of artists cut and inlay these stones to look like a starry sky. In this pendant they have used black jet for the sky and created opal and turquoise for shooting star streaks. They also use tiny silver pieces for the stationary stars. As an added design element, they inlaid the bail to match. What a fantastic amount of inlay work that this pendant has!

The pendant has a simple, uncluttered silver decoration around the stones. They are jagged notches, almost resembling teeth. The bottom has a rounded portion of silver that completes the design. These notches, along with the triangular shape of the pendant, give this an arrowhead-like appearance.

This Calvin Begay pendant is a casual size that you can comfortably wear any day of the week. It is just over 1 1/2" long (including the bail) and 5/8" wide. Pair this with your favorite chain and you will be all set. We kindly ask that you allow around six weeks to receive this piece. One may need to be made for you and this process takes some time. Also, the inlay work may differ from what you see pictured here. However, it will be a gorgeous piece that you are sure to enjoy!

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