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Royston Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon

Why We Love Royston Turquoise

January 22, 2019

Royston Turquoise is one of absolute favorites! Read all about why we love this beautiful stone.

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Susan Glandon - Stagecoach Kearney, NE

Merry Christmas From Stagecoach

December 24, 2018

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David Rosales Blue Sky Necklace

David Rosales' Newest Jewelry Collection: Blue Sky

December 21, 2018

Read all about David Rosales' brand new collection: Blue Sky. We were all blown away by these wonderful colors!

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Native American Jewelry Arrival From David Rosales

New Native American Jewelry From David Rosales For Christmas

December 03, 2018

The newest Native American jewelry from David Rosales is here just in time for Christmas! We have some incredible new pieces to show you!

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Halloween at the Stagecoach - Kearney, NE

A Halloween Thank You

November 09, 2018

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Stagecoach - Halloween Costumes in Kearney, NE

Now for Something Completely Different - Halloween at Stagecoach

October 12, 2018

Halloween is here once again! Read about how we transform the Stagecoach into a scary Halloween costume shop during the month of October!

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How To Clean Your David Rosales Jewelry

Caring For Your David Rosales Jewelry

September 30, 2018

David Rosales' jewelry is the most popular line that we carry. Here are a few guidelines to help your inlaid jewelry last for many years.

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New Native American Jewelry From David Rosales

New Native American Jewelry Arrival From David Rosales

September 15, 2018

Three new pieces just arrived from David Rosales! He has some of the most amazing Native American jewelry designs and it's like Christmas morning when news ones come. Read about these brand new items!

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Native American Jewelry

Let's Create The Greatest Native American Jewelry Community

August 31, 2018

It is our goal at the Stagecoach to create the greatest Native American jewelry community. Here I talk about our plans to provide you with the interesting information regarding Native American jewelry. You can also find out how you can help!

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Gary's Handmade Jewelry Demonstration

Handmade Jewelry Demonstration - Kearney, NE

August 26, 2018

Gary recently gave a demonstration about making handmade jewelry. As one of the only silversmiths in Kearney, NE he is able to provide a unique perspective. Giving a live demonstration of handmade jewelry does have its challenges, however. Read about some of them here.

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New Royston Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon

New Royston Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon

August 17, 2018

Read about this new Royston Turquoise pendant that my father just finished up! Here we tell all about the stone and processes that Gary used to create this beautiful piece.

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Refocusing on Native American Jewelry

Refocusing on Native American Jewelry

August 10, 2018

Native American jewelry is what we are most passionate about at Stagecoach. It is for that reason that we have decided to refocus our website on this beautiful art form. Here we discuss the revisions and future vision of our site.

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