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Discover The Finest Native American Jewelry With David Rosales

David Rosales is one of the most talented Native American jewelry designers in the world. He employees some of the very best Navajo and Zuni artists to bring his creations to life. While inlay work is not uncommon in Native American jewelry, this level of precision certainly is. There are very few artists who have the ability to create such flawless detail. Those that can, typically charge prices many times higher than David. Combine that with his lifetime guarantee, and you can see how David Rosales' work is the complete package.

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Part of the reason that David Rosales has become so well-known is his beautiful color collections. Using a variety of stones, he has created gorgeous collections that are both modern and elegant. My personal favorites are the Black Beauty and Amazing Light Collections. Take a look and see which ones you like. 

All of David's pieces come in sterling silver but can be made in 14K gold. If you have any questions about the price of any of his pieces in gold, please contact us either by email or at 308-234-3313. In addition, any of the designs that you see can be made in different colors. No matter what David Rosales jewelry you choose, you can be sure it will be a unique piece that you will love.

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